Vision, Mission & Values

The world needs energy to keep moving and the worlds needs data to make sense of that movement.

Hellonext exists to power the mobility ecosystem of the future, giving the tools that will enable all stakeholders to participate, communicate and interchange both energy and data.

We start with the mission of creating robust and easy to use electrical vehicle chargers that can be seamlessly integrated with the current infrastrucuture.

For this, we do not want to make over complicated statements, but we strive by a few significant values:

a) Challenge – Challenge assumptions, challenge the status quo, challenge your colleagues. Only by challenging we can reach further.

b) Honesty and feedback – both concepts are needed. Giving honest feedback both internally and to customers is key to manage expectations and to achieve great results.

c) Play by the rules – energy kills. Never jump any hoops.

d) Communicate clearly – don’t delay, we do it now.


e) Common Sense and responsability. We are responsible for our actions.