About Us

Hellonext is the natural result of Petrotec Group know-how applied to smart mobility solutions.

Petrotec was founded more than 35 years to manufacture top of the line fuel dispensers. Today Petrotec offers a range of products and services that allow it to be among the best in the world, with more than 1000 workers spread around the globe, working with all major oil companies and fuel retailers.

Today Hellonext is born. Hellonext is born with the mission of powering the mobility ecosystem of the future, giving the tools that will enable all stakeholders to participate, communicate and interchange both energy and data.

It is now clear that the future of mobility will be built around autonomous, connected and electric vehicles. We want to make sure that when that moment arrives no one will face any distruption and we are working to make that transition as smooth as possible.

We start by creating electric vehicle chargers that can be used by everyone and everywhere. Then we make sure that those chargers are integrated with the standard business procedures and software systems, to minimize disruptions. Finally, we will create the tools that allow autonomous vehicles to self manage their charging process together with the grid operators, making sure the future is even better thant the present.

Meanwhile, we are going to do the heavy lifting for you. We understand that the electric charging world is still quite new, and it represents a departure from the traditional business models, both in terms of processess and mindset needed, but also in terms of regulations to follow. That’s why Hellonext can install, operate and maintain an electric charger both at your home or at your business, at the while ensuring a seamless integration with your current systems.